Meeting the locals at the Akha village, Chiang Mai


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Thedustyroad is the story of Liz and Jimmy, a couple in their mid-twenties who resigned from their jobs late in 2015 to pursue their dream of travelling. This is the story of their journey. What started as a cheeky way to keep in contact with friends and family, thedustyroad has developed into a true passion project. Now, with a few months of travel under their belts, Liz and Jimmy want thedustyroad to be a legacy for other travellers. They are starting to put together a few guides, largely detailing things they would have liked to know before they set off.

As a couple of rookie backpackers, travel fanatics and now amateur bloggers, Liz and Jimmy hope to continue their travel for the next 6-12 months. They are dreaming big, and continue to set more challenging goals for themselves. Most importantly, they want to their travel and their blog to reflect the respect they have for the places they visit, the people they meet and the cultures they learn about.

About Liz

After years of study, Liz graduated as a Physiotherapist in New Zealand. Like so many kiwis, she moved to Australia, where she was lucky enough to find a good Aussie bloke in Jimmy. After gaining a few years experience, Jimmy convinced her to resign from her job to travel. She hasn’t looked back since. With a longstanding appreciation for food, cultivated through years of work in the restaurant industry, Liz has loved the exposure to the different foods on offer in the various countries they have travelled. Something she never expected was how passionate she would become about writing. While her interest in sociology has never dwindled, writing for thedustyroad has given Liz a newfound enthusiasm for both the written word and history. Her goal is to travel as far and wide as possible, learning as much about the local people, their culture and their food as possible, before writing about it in a courteous way, to share with those interested.

Enjoyed watching the sunrise above Laos at Phu Chi Fah

About Jimmy

Growing up in rural New South Wales, Australia, Jimmy was more than ready to travel the world when the opportunity presented itself. Working in the Civil Engineering industry for the past six years, Jimmy sought a new challenge from life. He has since embarked on the journey of a lifetime with Liz. A self-taught photographer, Jimmy is keen to continue the development of his photography skills throughout this journey. Welcoming the variety of picturesque backdrops offered to him as he travels through southeast Asia, Jimmy is creating an extensive gallery that documents their journey. Like Liz, he has also welcomed the challenge of thedustyroad. Solely responsible for all site maintenance, Jimmy continually develops thedustyroad, building a notable online presence. His goal is simple, to travel for as long as feasible, meeting as many people and experiencing as many different cultures as possible.

Ben Tre Canal, Vietnam

Luckily, Liz and Jimmy share common travel goals and make the perfect travelling duo. They are enjoying learning more about themselves and each other, all whilst learning about the fascinating history and culture our world has on offer. Follow for tales of their journey to see where their next adventures take them. If you would like to work with Liz and Jimmy, please send an email to or fill out the contact form below.

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