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A Day’s Recovery in Bangkok

Having spent 10 days on a beautiful tropical island we were less than enthused about our stop in Bangkok. There have been two things about Thailand we have heard consistently. The first was “you have to go to Pai” which is a small town northwest of Chang Mai. The second was Bangkok is an awful place, smoggy, hot and extremely busy. With this in mind, we treated Bangkok as a layover between Koh Tao and Chiang Mai. It was a long trip, 4hours on the ferry from Koh Tao to Chumphon, followed by a 12hour overnight train to Bangkok. The train was a bit disappointing for Jimmy, still feeling pretty crook, it was more bumpy, noisy and cramped than he initially expected. Our arrival to @ Hua Lamphong, our hotel (we splashed out for this one), lead to a great sigh of relief.

After a day of rest and recuperation we headed out to the star temples; Wat Pho, Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace.

Kids playing on their lunch break at Wat Pho, Bangkok

Kids playing on their lunch break at Wat Pho

These incredible temples are hundreds of years old and hold huge religious significance for Buddhists. Wat Pho has a 46m long gold Reclining Buddha. It’s a pretty impressive sight to see!

46m Reclining Buddha at Wot Pho, Bangkok

46m Reclining Buddha at Wot Pho

Beware of the tuk tuk drivers around the temples. We were approached by a few different drivers who told us the temple was closed to allow the monks to pray. They then try to encourage you to go on a tuk tuk tour with them until the temple re-opens. This is a scam. The temples are open all day and the tuk tuk drivers are trying to take you to various different shops (usually gem shops) their friends own.

Buddha at Wat Pho, Bangkok

Buddha at Wat Pho

We went for a walk along the river and to the MBK shopping centre. The shopping centre has an incredible number of shops and I’m sure you could find anything your heart desired there. We mainly went as the food island had been rated highly by Lonely Planet. It was a bit disappointing, I’m not sure if it was under renovation but it didn’t quite live up the the review.

Overall, Bangkok wasn’t as bad as we were anticipating. We did lay low and stayed nice and close to the train station but we enjoyed the short time we were there. It suited us, allowing us to recover from one long train trip and prepare for another. Bring on Chang Mai!


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