Dubrovnik, Croatia


April 4, 2016Dubrovnik is seen as the pearl of the Adriatic, a unique Jewel of Croatia. As our last stop in Croatia, Dubrovnik was a fitting place to complete our journey in this amazing country. We had an amazing time exploring...
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Hvar Croatia


March 30, 2016Considered the Queen of the Croatia’s Dalmatian islands, we knew Hvar was a place not to be missed. Heavily visited by tourists, Hvar is renowned as a beautifully scenic party town, which also has a rich and...
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Split Croatia


March 28, 2016Split is a destination loved by both locals and foreigners, with a glistening harbour front and protective mountains in the background it’s easy to see why. Preserved since 1979 as an UNESCO World Heritage Site...
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KRKA National Park Croatia


March 26, 2016One of the many National Parks in Croatia, Krka National Park grabbed our attention with the promise of glorious waterfalls, plus the distinct Krka River and it’s basin. The formation of waterfalls in Krka, is phenomenal...
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Plitvice Lakes, Croatia


March 24, 2016The beauty and elegance that was Plitvice Lakes National Park with snow was unbelievable. We spent an incredibly cold winters day exploring the park and were delighted with the winter version of the park...
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Zadar, Croatia


March 21, 2016Our decision to visit Zadar was almost last minute, made after reading a blog that raved about the area. We also decided as we are travelling in the off-season, it would be better to travel to the Plitvice Lakes as a...
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Zagreb, Croatia


March 19, 2016Zagreb is a truly contrasting city. The area around the square in the city centre is incredible. Ancient buildings that have been maintained and updated and are still heavily utilised today. As soon as you step out of the city centre, there is a notable lack of building maintenance...
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