Sunrise at Phu Chi Fah, Thailand


November 30, 2015The literal translation of Phu Chi Fah is ‘pointing to the sky’, and that is exactly what this viewpoint does. Forming the boarder between Laos and Thailand, Phu Chi Fah is a steep hill on the Thai side but has about a 1km sheer...
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Chiang Rai


November 30, 2015Initially, we travelled to Chiang Rai with the hopes of embarking on a less touristy trek to the hill-tribe villages and a quiet few days checking out the city itself. What we did here was so much better than either of us...
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The river winding its way through Pai.


November 27, 2015We had heard great things about Pai from every traveller we encountered between Singapore and Chiang Mai. By the time we reached Northern Thailand the village had an almost magical aurora associated with it’s name...
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The Old City of Chiang Mai Thailand


November 23, 2015The 700 year old city is a perfect square, enclosed by a partially collapsed medieval wall and a moat, initially designed to keep Burmese invaders out. This is now the city centre of modern day Chaing Mai, as the city...
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November 21, 2015Having spent 10 days on a beautiful tropical island, we were less than enthused about our stop in Bangkok. We treated our two days in the city as a stopover but were surprised when we enjoyed our time there...
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November 13, 2015With white sandy beaches, palm trees and crystal-clear water Koh Tao is the ultimate destination for any beach lover. The smallest of the Samui islands, Koh Tao is also well renowned for being ‘the’ place to get your dive...
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