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With a somewhat unique set of professional skills, Liz and Jimmy have realised they have a lot to offer. They are interested in all kinds of work, especially if it helps the local community. Liz, as a physiotherapist, has a special interest in healthcare and is potentially looking for a suitable volunteer project. Jimmy, with many years of Civil Engineering experience, has a special interest in providing essential services and resources to both developed and developing countries. If you have a project you believe would suit either Liz or Jimmy, or both of them, please send an email with the details to or complete the contact form below and they will be sure to reply as promptly as possible.

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With Liz responsible for the writing, and Jimmy the man behind the camera, they form quite the duo. They are interested in all kinds of travel, willing to broaden their repertoire for the right projects that reflect the values they endeavour to live and travel by. If you feel you have a travel project that would suit Liz and Jimmy and you would like to engage them in further correspondance, please send an email to or complete the contact form below. As always, they will reply at the first opportune moment.


  1. would it be possible for me to use one of your lovely photos as subject matter in black and white acrylic on canvas painting

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